PTO + gratitude day 26

 As I sit here at the end of another day, sipping some Mexican hot chocolate and getting ready to watch another episode of “Wild Palms” (yes, hooked now -ha!), I was thinking about how this time of year I would countdown the days until I had almost two weeks paid time off for Christmas…. And how I haven’t missed that ”gift” in two years. I haven’t needed a lump of days off to make me feel better about life. When you work for yourself, you don’t really get any paid time off, but the trade off is that you actually like the work you are doing. Now don’t get me wrong - some people have been able to land jobs in very fulfilling positions, working for others. Teachers for example, they dedicate their lives to help kids become educated adults ready for the real world. That’s admirable! Anyone who goes to college to gain higher education in a field that they actually intend to work in is admirable. However, my generation was taught to go to college because it would help you get a better paying in job. Basically just go be a robot for someone with that college degree. I didn’t attend college. Not one day. Never enrolled, never missed not going either. To be honest, I don’t have any friends that didn’t go to college, and I’m just realizing this… how strange. Anyway, I got lost in late night rambling and my point is that although my work doesn’t give me the financial security (yet) that my old decades long career once did, I am fulfilled knowing the work I do is satisfying, and the bills get paid. In my case it’s a little art, a little dog-walking, a little hustle here and a little hustle there. I honestly never dread going to work, although sometimes I get a little overwhelmed when other things need attention (like this house for example the last few months)…. perhaps that lure of PTO that I cherished for decades was just that. A lure. It worked until I didn’t need a that little “something to look forward to” to distract me from the fact that I wasn’t happy at that job…. 

Today I am grateful for all of my clients that have trusted me with their cats and dogs (and horses, chickens, and goats) while they travel. My business has steadily grown over the last year and I can’t articulate how meaningful that is. All through word of mouth - the most genuine form of advertising, and that means everything  to me!

Good night lovelies!



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