I did it! Gratitude day 30

 One whole month of daily blogging! It’s been years since I have had the time and emotional space to do that! 

Let’s talk about what happened today…


Yes folks! We now have a fully functional kitchen - for the first time since August 15! We also have all new plumbing in the house. The good thing about having to get a new foundation in your already existing home is that the entire flooring systems are ripped out, meaning any and all plumbing is exposed. Our house is so low, it was impossible for anyone to get under the kitchen. Every winter I’d wonder if this would be the year something would freeze in that inaccessible place and every year, we were lucky nothing ever did. The new plumbing system was rerouted and will always be accessible! I also have a cutoff inside the house for the outdoor spigots! This may not seem like a big deal, but I cannot tell you how many times I have turned on the spigots to fill the huge troughs at the end of my feeding time and realized after I was in my jammies that I’d forgotten to turn the hose off… well, now I can simply stay inside and turn the hose off! This little thing in and of itself is like the biggest luxury to a farmgal!!! 

So let’s recap the month….

November 1st the month started with a hay run and the most amazing sight of murmuration over a field of sunflowers (Yesterday I made my monthly hay run a day earlier because of rainy weather the next several days…)

Then throughout the month the following happened: 

Mr. Marbles let me touch him.

I saw an injured crow by the road near my home and picked him up for rehabbing. After a thorough check, it was determined he didn’t have a broken wing, just some injuries that rest could help…

The maples all turned red early November and then lost their leaves a week or so ago.

Throughout the month I painted, tiled, and built a cabinet for the electrical panel in the kitchen while Christian was at work:

We watched ‘The Killer’, ‘Wild Palms’, and started the new season of ‘Fargo’ this month.

Cotton fields were so beautiful and ready for harvesting.

I took the most beautiful photo of Buddy sleeping…

I started making ’woodland ornaments’ for the upcoming holiday market.

The moon and the stars were pretty magical this month…

Christian and I learned how to use a new tool: the jigsaw!

One last chat with Crowie before took flight and flew away! 

annnnnnnnnd today we got plumbing hooked up in the kitchen which completed our kitchen project!!!

So much to be grateful for this month and I end the month by being grateful for surviving this home overhaul. It was a huge stressor on our relationship and even the electrician said that he admires couples that can survive home renovations and said that it is a statement to the strength of partnerships. Well, wow. We did it! I feel so much lighter already! This coming weekend I’ll start decorating for Christmas! 

Hope all you had a sweet November and I will see you all tomorrow - I think I’m going to try to kick off the month with an unconventional Christmas mixtape….. we shall see…




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