The last few days and our newest resident…

 While Georgia weather is notorious for blowing through all the seasons in one day, I don’t recall that happening ever as late as April. Temps have been in the 30s at night, we’ve had cold and miserable gully washers that lasted alllllll day, and then the most beautiful and sunny typical April spring days. All in one weekend! Bahahahha!

I don’t keep hay this late into the year, but luckily we have plenty of grass for the horses on these cold nights - it doesn’t mean they weren’t miserable though. They actually like the rain, but no one likes the cold + rain…

Except our newest resident, which I will introduce further down… 
Ellen was glad to see the sun after an entire 24 hours of cold rain. Goats despise being wet, so you can imagine how unhappy the goats can get when they can’t get out and explore for a whole day! 
Poptart would hardly get out of bed and absolutely did not want to go to her business out there..
All this wet stuff is good for my porch plants though! 
…and I’ve got baby dahlias coming up! 
Sunday drive out to my mama’s for Easter lunch with the fam…
The daunting task of untangling this elevating netting…
Oh! And look at that beeeeeeeautiful lawn!!! I was without my mower for a little over three weeks and thought I was gonna go crazy without it. The day she was back home I was able to mow a little before the big storm rolled in…
Cluck Norris says hi…
My bounty of money er… I mean eggs. 
… dirt road walkin’ with my boy….
Now hear the story of our newest resident, Quack Nicholson….

I went to spend a few minutes with my shelter project pup, Bella, when animal control staff informed me about a duck…. Well, the rest is now history, but he went from this: 

To the backseat of my car…..
To this sad little water bowl - ha! 
To lots of love, two new pools, and a newly educated duck mama! 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my weekend getting to know Quack and you will be seeing lots of him and hearing more about his story when I have a bit more time to tell it!  I’m heading out now to let him out for the day and walk the pups! 


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