oh, jeez. I had planned on blogging about the productive week I had, but have found myself sucked into this series on Netflix called 'Keep Sweet, Pray and Obey'.... omg. 
I am about 4 episodes deep, and just wow...

..... here is the cliffsnotes version of my week that I am super proud of...

We had the farrier out, and she caught a small issue that I will need to tend to for the next week. 
I worked on a few plants in the yard that have been struggling to grow, and I want to badly for these plants to thrive! They have been barely hanging on for the last few years...
I cleaned out the barn - I am a real slob when it comes to evening feedings and don't really clean up as I go.
I talked for hours to an old friend on the phone <3.
I made plans to have another friend come visit very soon!!
I deep cleaned and organized the loft.
I knocked down a zillion Joro spider webs and cut grass.
Poptart and I had our lake time..
I walked a friend's dog while they were out of town.
I spent time today with my shelter project dog, Titus. 
....and tomorrow I am leaving early in the morning after walking the dogs, to pick up a friend and go on a little adventure! 
Here are some pics from the last week:

I have a pot of water on the stove for some coffee so I can pull myself off this couch and finish cutting grass....

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