... I'm baccccccck ....

I just realized haven't actually posted a blog entry in several weeks - and even then it was the story of Reece and not any updates on the farm really....ooops.  I am going to attempt to ease back into the blog once again, as I have several times in the last year. 2020 was a doozie and well, frankly after my rough start to 2021, I am now feeling that my absence here has offered that 'hard reset' I needed in order to move forward. I have been really focused on a few daydreams that have been swimming around in my head since 2017. Now the time feels right to pull the trigger on making these dreams come true. 

For starters, I have been busy the last month carving out the trails for some therapeutic trail-running. Pruning trees, carving out little green tunnels to run through, foraging for good vibes in a sense....I have been going on these runs alone, but this morning was the first time I ran with Reece. He loved it! We ran one lap and then walked a lap, soaking in the sweet smells of Spring really coming alive after yesterday's hard rain.  Animals can teach us so much about living in the moment. I have managed to be consistent in the mornings, and starting next week, I am going to add a short little end of the day run before I feed the animals and do any chores. Here are a ton of pics from the trail here.....

I will admit the hardest part of running is getting my shoes on and getting out the door. The runs are short, but long enough for me (for now), and I make it a point to think good thoughts about myself and to change any negative thoughts I may have, to be uplifting ones. I love this time of year and the way the cool morning air fills my lungs, the sweet smell of spring blooms, and the beautiful rising sun greets me midway - it's rays pop-kissing my face as I run through the trees. It brings me a great sense of gratitude and it fuels my day in all the right ways. I helps me to see the genuine beauty in all things lately, and am feeling the rewards the universe and god are putting before me. Things like this little morning run fuels this thankful heart of mine and has me ever so grateful that my body can get this kinda mileage in without much effort (note that all of these steps and miles were done on my little farm yesterday! :) )

At the end of my run, I feel the best - light - emotionally and physically, and this morning this popped in my head... ha! Yeah, there ARE babes in the woods and I am one of them <3 .

and I end this post with a few pics of the other 'babes'..... Here you can see the goats have still not quite committed to the decision to move into their new digs, as they took shelter during the big storm yesterday in their old home ... I am sure when the time is right they will move so I can demolish the eyesore they seem finding difficult to part with. 

the horses and the sun after the rain provided the most beautiful opportunity for some pretty pics! 

I hope you all have a great Sunday - I am eating pecan pie for breakfast and about to head out to temp-fence in some exciting new terrain for the goats to browse. 

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