I’m half-watching #FantasticMrFox and drinking some hot coffee, while a pot of chili is finishing up on the stove for tomorrow's lunch, and brainstorming a few ideas for the blog. For some reason, it’s been hard to find the time to write much with Misty’s extra care, the usual wintertime farm work that can only be done when everything is dormant, and to be honest, I have been indulging in lots of hot baths at the end of the days before bed.

Misty is still hanging in there and it has been a very long month-and-a-half of lots of care for my girl. THIRTY-NINE shots I have administered and it is something I will never get comfortable with. Her new vet is really keeping to his promise about staying on top of this and aggressively treating her to hopefully avoid another surgery. We’ve now had two cultures, and she’s alternated three different antibiotics. The latest results should be in this week, and we will determine what’s next at that time. She remains in her usual sweet and good spirits, always wanting to snuggle, eat snacks, and just be near.... Vet seems to think of we can get her over this godawful infection, she likely has another 8-10 years of living to do!

I will say, likely most of us were happy to see 2020 come to an end, and even though it is still early in the year, I have lots of optimism and determination. I have been starting each day with lemon water (!!!) and breaking a good sweat before starting my day. I feel better than I have in years, and have even sat up pretty late a few times watching tv with Christian and still managed to get up before dawn to get my workout in before the office....

Last night we finished up an HOURS long binge on “I’ll Be Gone In The Dark”, and damn was that something nightmares are made of! It was one of the best crime documentaries I’ve seen in a bit, and the havoc the subject wreaked on his victims was just unreal. I won’t ruin it for anyone wanting to watch it, but be prepared...

Anyway, I hope to be back tomorrow evening with the midweek mixtape. Christian actually gave it to me this morning, but I haven’t had a chance to listen to the whole thing yet. What have you been doing so far in the new year? Any goals? Plans? Dreams? I’d love to hear about them! I feel like 2021 is the year for getting excited about the things we have control over and letting go of the things we can’t.

I am off to walk sweet Reece once more before heading to dreamland.... I am going to attempt to dream about this image - bahahahaha!


   - s

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