friday! it feels amazing outside!

Whoa, nelly! It's friday already? I feel like the week flew by and at the same time it felt like it rained forever and a day. Christian celebrated a birthday and we had a socially distanced gathering with friends - when you have a farm, with lots of space it isn't too hard ;) and it is the first actual real birthday gathering we have ever had at the house!! Christian and I both aren't much for having people over or going out, and it is kinda funny that the year when the world has shut down, having wide open spaces seems to be the route to go, and people have been taking advantage of this opportunity to hang with the animals, be with nature, and get some fresh air and sunshine!  
Reece and I are still doing our several-times-per-week training, and I am checking things off my list of things that need to be done before October comes around. Hazel (our 37 year old foster horse) is supposed to be having one of her eyes removed today due to cancer that has taken over that side of her face :( - good news is she is still healthy (as a horse 😜) otherwise and eats well and seems to feel well. Y'all say some prayers, send vibes, or whatever it is you do, pretty please. We do love this old gal...

Do any of you have fun plans for what looks to be an absolutely perfect autumn kickoff weekend? Officially it starts next Tuesday, but here in Winterville, the temps won't get much above 70 during the day and at night we will be in the low 50s!!!! Eeeeeeeeek! I am making a hay run, cleaning out the barn (I am the worst at keeping an organized barn), making a little extra time to tend to a few animals that will be needing extra care (Misty has not been feeling well either lately but is on the mend!), and then having a s-l-o-w Sunday with my guy. I also see some tomato soup and grilled cheeses in the very near future with this little taste of cooler weather. 

I am off to get log some miles. Although I have been aiming to get 3+ miles in each day in my pre-surgery training, before this week I was getting in over 7 miles most days! This week was blah. I didn't feel so hot, then the rain came. I am excited to get in at least 7 today to kick off the weekend and the cooler air will be a great motivator! 

oh, also! Today is the one year anniversary of Cloudi (now Rowdy!!) getting his forever home! I loved working with him and am friends with his dad, so I still get to keep up with this sweet boy. This pic is from when he was still at the shelter, the actual day he decided to come out of his shell!!! <3

I hope all you lovelies have an awesome weekend and I can't wait to play/work on the farm! I also hope to have a good update tomorrow about Hazel's surgery! 

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