just for fun!

a trip down memory lane.... 
I was looking for an old picture of Eddie, which I found, long before his muzzle had turned white. I couldn't resist posting not only a pic of the young Eddie, but also allllllll of these. 
Most are from my time DJing with my buds, and some are just random pics from my childhood and my super early 20s thrown in the mix... but ohhhh those good ol' days of wearing bloomers and bodysuits and not giving one single rats ass about what anyone thought about it. 
This was pretty much the norm several times per year during my entire 30s. 
Note that several pics also have me holding a cig - I haven't smoked in years FYI! 
Starting with the young Eddie Bear living his days in a beautiful pasture with his sister, Rose the horse....

this pic makes me chuckle every time. All those dudes looking perplexed.... And then me walking the plank. Bahahahah! 

..this one was from around 2002 I believe....

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