good friday. man, i am SORE.

Yesterday - all day - I spent working on my fence project. Every single year since I have had my farm, I take an extra day off around this weekend (my business is closed on Good Friday) to get a whole FOUR DAYS to TCB! 

I pulled up old fencing, pulled out T-posts (with my bare hands, mind you - this gal ain't got no tractor or tool for this), and unloaded all of my supplies for the job. 

I took a few breaks to walk my boy, found a scared baby bunny when I was mowing the goat field (and was able to return it to its nest), and ended the day with a cold glass of sweet tea on the porch, all while jamming to my playlist for this day with a little 'The Cult' and some "Kacey Musgraves" thrown in the mix.

 I hope everyone enjoys this day and is taking advantage of the internet for reaching out, catching up virtually with friends and family, and making good use of these beautiful days. I hope to make a big dent in this project and can't wait to have a place for Reece to run off-leash in his new little park!!!! 


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