determined to resolve my health issues....

I have struggled in the last few years with submucosal fibroids. Very sizable ones at that. They developed in 2015 when I was severely stressed with the loss of my dad and all the stuff that went along with that, so I am pretty certain how I got them.... Stress can wreak havoc on the body...They have caused me to hemorrhage, be anemic for years, caused great debilitating pain, and even sidelined me at times - I even think it contributed to a heat stroke I had a few years ago!! Because of this, I have been plagued with fatigue that has then caused me to be unable to exercise like I used to, which has caused weight gain, which makes them worse, which causes more pain, which causes me to be anemic, fatigued, unable to function the way I need to.... A super ugly cycle. Well, I am making some life changes to hopefully break this ugly cycle.

My doctor suggested a hysterectomy, which surgery is just not an option for me right now since Reece is still only able to be handled by me and the recovery would keep me from walking him for a few days.... Last week, I had such a bad episode that lasted several days, that I was seriously weighing my options on what to do with him if I need surgery - it was THAT BAD. I did force myself to go to work (I sit at a desk all day), and started using the wheelbarrow for the farm chores (normally I just would throw feed bags, bales of hay, or whatever, right over my shoulder), and then I decided to research like hell one last time on natural alternatives that have been known to make a difference...

That is when I decided trying a plant based whole foods diet and cutting back on the sugar was THE CHANGE I was gonna try and really the only way I was gonna lose weight. Sugar, dairy, pork, beef, as well as soy, are huge contributors to fibroids. I LOVE my sugar.... and I grew into one of those people that doesn't mind exercising so that I can eat what I want, but exercise enough to keep my weight in check. I used to LOVE my morning jogs, gym classes, and kickboxing. That all changed when I was so fatigued, I didn't have the stamina to really even get going anymore... I still force myself to volunteer with the dogs, do all my farm chores, and take an occasional walk, but I want my old life back!!! 

So it hit me. I am going to have to lose weight the hard way - sticking to this way of eating SIX DAYS A WEEK - yes, with one cheat day (yes, I have to have a reward) - my (sweet stuff) sundays. You see, when I get my weight down, my fibroids should shrink - it is just a matter at the moment of losing weight without exercise ... and when that happens, I should have waaaaaaaay less problems with fatigue, and THEN I should be able to ease back into regular exercising, and THEN I can maintain my healthy weight once again with exercise while eating things I love! 

Anyway, this has been a real struggle for me, because exercising was always easier than giving up my eating habits (click here to read alllllll about my active exercise life before the stress of 2015). Now it is down to the wire and the only option left is biting this bullet. I started this whole foods/ plant based thing a week ago... No chips, no cream in my coffee, no processed ANYTHING. Just loading up on my vitamin C, clean eating (with my one free day), and some unwavering dedication because I DO NOT WANT SURGERY.

I am hoping to be able to actually take Reece on runs with me by early summer.... I am seriously envisioning this and getting excited about it...he loves to get out, but walking just isn't an option outside of the farm because the running keeps him more engaged in keeping up with me, so that other people and dogs don't become a focus...

That being said, I don't know exactly what I weigh, but I've been hovering around 185lbs, and my healthy weight is 150 when I am exercising and have lean muscle mass... This is my goal.... I will periodically update my progress here, and I hope it is mostly progress from here on out! This also means my 'worn' posts should come back too! It is way funner to shop vintage clothing when you feel good! 

Any of you ever dealt with fibroids? Feel free to comment below or message me using the contact form on the left!

Now I leave you with a few pics from this evening while out on a walk with my Reece.... He makes sure I get in at least a few steps each day, thankfully!


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