3/52 Baby's Beach Trip

One of my goals in 2020 was to share a photo or series of photos each week that meant a lot to me, and that were born out of pure spontaneity. Most of my friends know I always have a camera on me and I see pretty much every moment as a photo opportunity. I want to really savor it all and have a permanent tangible, easily accessible copy of it all. You can see all the entries in this weekly project by clicking HERE

These were taken on Thanksgiving in 2010. Christian and I decided to take Baby to the beach for the first time ever. We found a pet friendly rental right on the beach at Folly Beach, SC. It was the first "overnight trip" Baby had ever been on, and she LOVED IT. It was an experience I was happy to capture with my little Canon Powershot SX120 pockect camera - I miss that perfect little camera. I could take it anywhere and just keep some AA batteries on hand for the most beautiful shots. It always took a beating in the field with the goats and Baby, and always delivered the best color back before everyone had access to iphones and unlimited filters.

These mean so much because like all the others, the lighting was just perfect that day, and no planning went into these. Just sunshine, Baby's first (and only time) time seeing the beach, Christian's silhouette (because we all know how he doesn't do any kind of recognizable presence on the web - ha!), and all the feels. Enjoy!

Happy weekend!


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