want(s)/ need(s)/ hear(s)/ read(s): christmas listing over here....

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I absolutely adore all of the handcrafted pieces from etcetera, but I need a LOT of coffee in the mornings, and this perfectly sized cup with the little lip for holding is my all time fave. I only have one in the color tangerine, but am looking to add at least one or two more colors soon! 
ohhhhh how I wanted this but not only is it out of stock, but it was waaaaaaaay too expensive for my frugal wallet. It is however giving me some creative ideas....

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Yes, folks. I actually do NEED this. Last year I wasted an entire years worth of gym membership money because after the Spring rolled around, it was nearly impossible to get on my preferred piece of machinery. I am actually looking to invest in this since the workshop has so much space and sits on a concrete slab. Our little old farmhouse wouldn't handle something like this too well, but now I have options!

we SO need a new couch. We haven't had a new couch ever, mostly because we always have bought used, but in the next year, I am looking to get rid of all of our mismatched chairs and papasan, and old vintage couch, and replace with ONE PIECE like this... You can customize the size too with this company, and with our small house, and awkwardly laid out livingroom, something like this would be ideal.....


read & see 
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"Smith melds the western landscape with her own dreamscape. Taking us from California to the Arizona desert; to a Kentucky farm as the amanuensis of a friend in crisis; to the hospital room of a valued mentor; and by turns to remembered and imagined places, this haunting memoir blends fact and fiction with poetic mastery. The unexpected happens; grief and disillusionment set in. But as Smith heads toward a new decade in her own life, she offers this balm to the reader: her wisdom, wit, gimlet eye, and above all, a rugged hope for a better world."

...and then this. Stream free with a Netflix subscription. Outstanding. I have heard mixed reviews, but we loved it. Make sure you watch through the end, past the credits for a great interview with Scorsese and cast! 

That is all for now! See you next Thursday for a bit more of this segment! 



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