new traditions & holiday plans...

Last year, Christian and I stayed at home for Thanksgiving and my sister came and stayed with us for a bit and we had a most excellent feast complete with a very memorable explosion of a fake pyrex dish, which blew shards of glass into every side dish... We had to start all over, but it made for some great memories for years to come.... here are a few pics from last year...

This year, we again are staying on the farm in our loving little old farmhouse and cooking a vegetarian feast..... also... did I mention this will be my TWENTIETH thanksgiving with Christian???  :)  Here we are below with the first baby goat I ever held... Ellen. She was a total surprise and the only spawn of the meanie Eli because he was snipped shortly after :)

The holidays mean chilly weather and I actually do like the cold, but it rolled in last week so quickly and caused me a little bit of anxiety about the winter prepping of everything - the wellhouse, crawl space, and making sure I had enough hay to keep the horses full and warm..... It is never ever boring out here to say the least! 

I will have a few days off work around both Thanksgiving and Christmas in which I plan to begin (and hopefully finish) a few new projects. Since day one of my farm dreams, it has always been about small goals. Never biting off more than I can chew, and never allowing my 'work' to stress me out - after all this is my grounding. My therapy. My happy place. 

Anyway, I am off for a day filled with picking up grub for all the animals, going to the dump, making some last minute things for the holiday market this weekend, dropping off stuff for the market, and hopefully I will have a little time to clean the shop. I hate coming back to a messy space... anyway, enough rambling - I will be back hopefully tomorrow evening with pics and tales of how the market was (pray the rain doesn't last long!) - I will be jacked from drinking too much coffee most likely...



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