looking forward to earlier mornings...

This Sunday the time goes back one hour. While I get annoyed that it will be dark by 5:30pm until Spring, I am happy that the mornings will come a little earlier and that most of my farm chores will be done by 6pm (animals operate on daylight time). You see, when you have to be at work around 8am, and it is still dark at 7:30am, but you have to walk two dogs, feed horses, goats, & chickens, all while holding a flashlight and hoping to avoid an encounter with a creature of the wild, like a skunk.... ha! Yeah. I am happy about being able to do this now with a little morning sun. It means I can start earlier and not be so rushed to get it all in.... it also means that I can get back to my "suppertime strolls" which come in quite handy this time of year when I am more likely to eat more, because I love baking this time of year, and must taste it all..... 
This morning it is raining and cooler, Reece is next to me as I type, cuddled under a knitted blanket, snoring... I love and hate equally mornings like this. I hate that the rain is keeping me from my outdoor workout (which also serves as my therapeutic 'medicine'), but I love that instead of working out at this time, I am blogging...next to my sleeping rescue dog....listening to music and the rain on the tin roof, slowly sipping coffee, and dreaming a little about the future. 

I love this time of year, mostly because the jungle growth slows down. It gives me a chance to cut things back, visualize (once again) what I want certain areas at the farm to look like, and to plan financially for the upcoming year all the changes I want to see. Last year around this time I decided to finally put into place a plan to transform 2/3 of the 1300 oblong building on our property into a really cozy workshop/ idea hub/ studio for all of my dreams and projects. 

I visualized building two proper kennels inside for fostering a dog or two for short periods.... this happened a few times, with my very first overnight guest being Bruce. 
Now off to do all the things that must be done before work. IN THE DARK. 

Happy Wednesday to you all and may your day be swell! 



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