an update....and FRIDAAAAY!

..so here's a little update on the happenings at the frugal fashionable farm.... I have been absent here because things have been extremely busy to say the least. I am getting ready for the holiday season and selling/ making Fox & The Forest goodies keeps me busy starting right about now. These self-care/ holistic products are fun to make and also keep everyone fat and happy at the farm (hay is needed for the horses and goats), also generates much needed funds for wildlife and animal rescue efforts.

I also LOVE baking when the temps fall like they have this last week, so get ready for cinnamon buns, coffee cakes, and pecan pies to make an appearance soon! Reece is still in training and is doing well, and Eddie gets extra pep in his step in the cooler weather as well...

Blindie is still kickin' and somehow gets around very quickly even though she cannot see or hear. A few days ago she had me picking her up out of the neighbors cow pasture, and then last night Christian and I spent at least 30 minutes with flashlights out in the dark looking for her, to give up, and find her roosted on the ash pale on the front porch! She must have slept really good because she was still perched there this morning when I left for work...

All the grass and foliage are mostly dormant already, so I haven't had to mow in weeks - whoop! This is the perfect time of year to do heavy duty brush clearing, and boyyyyyyy do I have plenty to cut. Unfortunately our pecans didn't do well this year so I will have to find a good supplier for all my pecan baked goods.
Anyway, happy Friday and I really do try to post here more than once every few weeks, I have just been a little more involved than usual in the rescue efforts of a few dogs that needed lots of help. Get ready for more regular posts as the temperatures drop....


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