Farewell Barnie! You were a good girl!

As much as things are pretty dang good at the farm, I do have a bit of sad news.... Miss Barnie passed away a few days ago... The old gal must have had a heart attack or something similar. She was dead in the coop yesterday morning... You may wonder why she was named Barnie.... I wasn't feeling too creative when I named her, and she was a breed known as a Barnvelder. After Pancha passed, she was my little hammock bud. These girls are old, and I expect within the year I will be looking at no chickens. That is when I will revamp the coop, and start over with a new flock. I have refused to get any new chickens until the last of the original flock are gone. These girls have provided me with eggs for years, and I owe it to them to allow them to live out the rest of their days peacefully on the farm...

Here is a cute video of my little Barnie taking in the sights and sounds one Spring evening earlier this year....



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