autumnal vibes

This mild weather we have had lately is getting me ready super early for autumn.... Our thermometers at the farm haven't been getting above 90 and for this time of year, that is CRAZY! The fall makes me think of magical happenings. Halloween and Christmas are just around the corner, really, and I am always up for costumes and surprises! 

The cool perfect biscuit-making mornings (baking is totally magic), the bearable evenings being able to complete my farm chores without getting super hot, the perfect evening walks with the dogs, and the hammock sitting while watching the goats munch on the overgrowth around the house (yes, they are my new weedeaters since I have this new fence), the perfect amount of rain so that I have food for the animals without hauling hay, and to top it all off, this weather makes me soooo ready for carnival season. there is nothing quite like a night out with a few friends and an unlimited ride bracelet.....

We also polished off the third season of Stranger Things last night and the whole carnival setting has most definitely influenced this post also :)

Tuesdays mean the weekly deals on meat at Fresh Market, and since Eddie gets all home cooked meals, this is a lifesaver. Aside from a little planning for the next month because August starts on Thursday (and I tend to be one of those planner-type gals), work, dogs, and the usual farm chores are in the forecast for today. It is Tuesday. It isn't nearly close enough to the weekend to be planning for it, but I seriously want to already...



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