waggin Wednesday....BATMAN

I totally forgot about my Tailwagger Tuesday post yesterday, because I have had company for the last few days and so anyway, we are having just a 'Waggin' Wednesday' today!

Meet Batman!

He is a 2 year old neutered male who is looking for love! He is the current longest termer at the county pound, and none of us can understand why!

He most likely isn't house trained, due to the fact he was just used as a 'yard dog', chained out his whole life, but a little positive training and I imagine he'd catch on quickly!

He is very attentive, a great dancer, and a super hiker! I had him out last weekend on a 20ft lead and he was great! Check out his trail walkin' on that long lead!
He would do well in an active home where he could go hiking regularly! He plays well with other dogs, and has actually been used to test new intakes at the shelter, but his behavior towards cats is unknown. He also LOVES to look endearingly into your eyes why you teach him dance moves!

He is also a very sweet boy when in the pet store and doesn't touch or grab any toys he isn't supposed to! Check him out at PetSmart a few weeks ago!

If you'd like more info on Batman, click HERE and go see him at Athens-Clarke County Animal Control!!

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