saturday snapshots

Whattta day! I started out my Saturday by going on my three-mile walk, then stopping by Lowes to buy blades for my mower so I could get her ready for some fresh cuts (she needs the belt replaced and blades, actually), then I cleaned out my car - YES!!!, and got out my 'real camera', to take some photos in the cool morning before heading off to Bogart to pick up a shelter pup and take her to meet up with her ride to Denver, CO! 

Needless to say, there was a little hiccup in those plans and I ended up spending several hours at the pound, but Zelda the *former* shelter pup was headed to Denver by 5pm!! Mower wasn't touched, and only the feeding and minimum chores were done on the farm, but it was a GREAT DAY!!

There is always tomorrow for actual working, right? and tomorrow is St. Patty's day!! as well as my usual day for picking up Reece for a few hours. I think I may plan on making an Irish Shepherd's Pie, get a little outdoor painting done on the workshop while Reece hangs out, and then maybe in the evening I will have time to work on the mower.....but now, here are a handful of pics from the day! Enjoy <3

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