chevron floor tutorial & workshop transformation

....and now the tutorial of the chevron 'runner' floor, followed by the transformation in pics of the finished section of the building.....
What you will need for this project:
a floor (I made one out of 3/4 inch plywood)
white paint
carpenter's square
yard stick or tape measure (I used both)
painter's tape
pencil (or sharpie - what I used)
paint for stripes (I used a deep hunter's green)
paint tray
narrow paint roller

first, painted plywood sheets white.... if you already have a floor in place that you can paint, obviously you won't need plywood....
I then measured where I wanted my 'peaks' to be. I made dots with a sharpie 8" apart.....

I had an old carpenter's square that I used to make the angles, which I also drew the lines with a sharpie....
as you can see, my lines are not perfect, but since this was my first time ever doing something like this (hand-painting a floor), and this was just a workshop, I didn't sweat it. In my opinion, it is hard to mess this up if you have a carpenter's square, but draw it all out, you might want to use a pencil, and then you will tape.....
the painter's tape will go along the inside of the lines that are to remain white....
paint the colored sections...
 I had limited space to work in, so I would measure, draw, tape, and paint a few 8' x 4' sections of plywood at a time so that I could finish other projects inside the workshop as the floor was drying (see pics at the end of this post)
 peel your tape off once the paint has had plenty of time to dry. I waited 2-3 days. Notice in the pic below, my lines were just a tad off. I got a little lazy with the measuring as I went, but this can easily be avoided by sticking with the set width of the strips (measuring, drawing, and taping without rushing through). Again, since this was my workshop, I wasn't that worried about it, and the end result wasn't hurt at all! 
 Once my huge plywood tiles were dry, I would stack them against the wall to accommodate more room for painting and other work inside the building....

 ....and peel the tape off....viola! 
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
 .....now a peek into what the building looked like before. You see this space was an old boarding facility for dogs. Complete with 50 little doggy doors that needed to be blocked up and sealed. This daunting task intimidated me to the point of ignoring this building completely for almost 5 years.....

I did decide when closing up these doors, to leave two unsealed and create two larger sized kennels/ safe areas inside for farm ICU or spaces for sick farm critters that needed spacial care. In the past our laundry room has been the chicken ICU, and now we can actually have an area dedicated for animals out here. 

A ceiling got installed, duct work repaired, and I even learned how to do electrical work when my friend Angie came over to give me a lesson!!! 

 ....and more to come as the building isn't quite finished, but we have come a LONG way, baby! 
 Happy Monday! 



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