SPRING? Where are ya? Where have I been?

I blog waaaaaaay less when it is nasty out. Truth be told, I don't mind cold weather if it is consistent. Saturday was glorious, sunny, and 70 degrees out and then Sunday it was cold, rainy, and the opposite of glorious. Monday I was miserable again as the high for the day was 39, and by yesterday evening, I was back to being ok with the cold, wet, messy weather. Me and Eddie even bundled up and went on a nice little slow stroll around the entire property as my face turned red from the ice cold raindrops tapping on my cheeks. Then it was off to feed the crew. Lots of hay for everyone to ensure everyone stayed warm through another cold and wet night..... I am hoping that the last load of hay I got will be the last bit for the year.....

The rye is starting to come up in the horse field, and the little teases of bright green are making me excited for spring garden foods.... We already have been enjoying the volunteer winter crop of kale and lettuce that decided to come back all on its own, and this weekend I think I am going to plant more spinach.

The evenings are getting longer, and the mornings start earlier. I get excited about the day ahead, sipping my coffee and awaiting the daylight to slowly spread over the farm... I already missed my opportunity to cut back my blueberry bush I discovered last year, as it has already started to bloom - yikes! That could be great or really bad...

Anyway, I am warming my core with a nice hot hodge podge of leftovers..... tomato soup, brussel sprouts, black beans, and mashed potatoes! yummmm. Then off to bundle up, walk Eddie and feed the crew, and soak. Soaking is my favorite thing to do in winter. And always after everyone is fed.

I have been thinking a lot about this 'farm' and how it isn't actually a farm in the sense that most people think. More on that tomorrow - I have a blogging session planned for early morning while I am charging up before work with my hot cup of joe!

off to do my snow dance in between trudging through mudholes while feeding........



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