it's Monday! photo packed post from the weekend....

I came across "advice from the Beatles" somewhere while doing some early morning 
web-surfing, and saved it... not sure where I found it to give credit, and if you know it, please let me know... anyway, I am kicking off the week dealing with my emotions with this 'advice... ha! 
the weekend was pleasantly packed with a little thrifting, a little painting, and listening to music while Reece visited the shop....
...of course I kicked off the weekend with a friday evening 'frugal fashionable friday' post. The first in a very long time...
....and now, the weekend in photos.......
a bit of some colorful painting..... and the very beginning stages of another chevron striped floor. This one will be very colorful.

surprise fresh kale and lettuce from last year's garden!! 

I cut and cleaned up the old hay from the goat field in preparation for warmer weather and new grass growth!!!! 

I picked up Reece for a fun day at the park, but soon decided it was too cold for me... he hung out in the shop with me for hours and in between snoozing and playing with some of Eddie's toys, he seemed to enjoy just being calm.

happy monday! 



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