a typical weekday...

a weekday in the life (on a good day when I actually get up on time! )
wake up, stumble out of bed, lay with Eddie on his bed for a few minutes, then put a pot of water on for coffee
drink my joe, blog for a bit, check emails, Facebook, and IG,
get dressed, let Eddie out for a quick pee, and head out for my 3 miles..... when i don't get out for my 3 miles due to weather, laziness, or whatever, I usually watch an hour long episode of some awful but every entertaining reality show. Tthis morning was one of those mornings and I watched The Real Housewives of Beverly hills. Four years ago I was forcing this crap on my teenage sister (big sisters do this kind of thing right?!?), and it is still a little joke between us now.
Feed Eddie, then put on my muck boots and head out for farm chores (feed goats, horses, chickens, haul water, etc)
Walk Eddie and check all fencelines
shower, then get dressed
head out for work. Take one last minute to snap any sunrise pics and say 'Thank you' as I drive away from my beautiful place.... it will be a whole 9 hours before I can see it again....
Get to work, and start work

12:00 eat lunch at my desk, check emails, answer the phones
leave office, on the mark.
pull into driveway, do a quick lookover at the farm crew, make sure everyone is still behind a fence, and there are no strays before I head inside to change clothes, eat dinner, and feed Eddie
make/eat dinner, catch up with Christian, have friends over
walk Eddie around the property check fencelines, take pictures, pinch myself, farm chores, drag pastures, feed animals, scrub water troughs
sometimes I take a long bath, change into my jammies, and chill out with Christian watching tv and drinking chocolate milk...
9:30 totally out like a light

 happy thursday... the weekend is just around the corner!!! Eeeeeeeeeek!



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