midweek playday...

I took the day off and soooooooo enjoyed myself. I got lots done that is gonna make my weekend fun and easy...... for starters, you know that super secret project I am working on at the farm? making good use out of that HUGE building on the property? Well, in the last several weeks, I haven't even let Christian see the inside. He knows I have been a busy bee, but my secrecy got me in a pickle today - ha! I brought in another load of wood/ supplies, and paint ..... and well, when Christian offered to help me load it INTO the building, I had to decide between continuing the super secret mission or allowing him to help and see the progress so far..... If you know me well, you know how this went down already. Yeah, I loaded over a ton - yes literally ONE TON of supplies into the building all by myself....bahahahah! About a third of the way through, I was really regretting that decision, but I didn't buckle and got it all done.
This weekend should be the point where things really start coming together. Most of the things that don't actually look like progress have been done - wiring, getting the roof repaired, planning, buying the actual finishing touches..... Now it is almost time for light fixtures and paint.... While there is still a lot more hard work to be done, I can at least start to get some real gratification from it all now.

I finished off my day off with wranglin' Eli, Ellie, and Ellen back into the pasture after they snuck out of the gate when I was feeding.... then I headed downtown for a happy hour Budweiser. T'was a good day fo sho! Christian is already working on tomorrow's mixtape, and I am off to bed after a very productive day off work - meaning my day job - you know I actually enjoyed working my ass off with today's projects....

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