2019: goals & dreams

Hey! Ho! Hum! I am starting a new trend for myself this year! Instead of a 'New Year's Resolution', where I stick to goals all year long, I am gonna have a bucket list for each quarter, but fitting with the seasons.....

for the winter bucket list, I start with completing the shop.
then all the others are as follows....

~ get back to running in the mornings before work (I slacked off when it cold ...ooops)
~ Blog more. Have inspiring segments. New recipes to create. New DIY projects to share. New ways to repurpose things. Get back to more than just the shelter doggies. I lost myself a little in 2018 by taking on a little too much physically and emotionally in the rescue and shelter pups. This doesn't mean I will advocate less, it just means I will keep my own wants and needs in check as well....
~ take down most of the old chainlink fencing next door at the shop
~ plan the revamp of the vintage store
~ get together a plan for Fox & the Forest 2019
~ eat cleaner
~ drink more water
~ learn the basics of carpentry
~ BE BETTER AT SHOWING UP ON TIME (jeeeeeeeeez. why is this one so hard for me?). I really do value other peoples time. I try to respect it, and I am aware of how disrespectful is to show up late to functions or appointments, and keep people waiting, because my time isn't more valuable than anyone else, but DANNNNG! This is one of those things that I am gonna get right this winter!!!
~ ...and last but not least....Learn to 'zip it' in order to better my chances of getting what I want..... ya know to learn to use my intellect over my rants & raves...Ha!

Happy New Year!!! Much love to you all in 2019!!



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