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I want to get a few more strands of lights for our farm this year. I have never really put lights up other than the porches and barn, but this year I have a strand along a fence and it looks SO PRETTY!!!! We also still have not gotten our tree! It has been too rainy and wet to get one, but we have a few dry days ahead and I am pretty confident we will have our tree by Thursday.

I need to order another load of blocks for the building on my property.... 
I have plans in the works and am excited to see things come together to finally have a purpose for the building - actually taking steps to have a functional workspace and office space for a local business (yip!!) while also serving as a temporary space for short-term fostering of no more than two rescue facility pups. 

This will encourage socialization, they will get more exercise, have more room, and get more interaction than what they currently are getting.

Yes, my plan is to create a better environment for my project dogs that can get daily interaction and focus work, maybe even a morning run with me, which will make them more desirable as a foster or forever dog very soon, rather than them being forever residents at a rescue facility!
This is a good read and it is not the first time it has appeared here... it is basically a journal by month, and in the winter when there is less maintenance work to do on the farm, I always dig this book out for inspiration for little farm projects.... The author lives alone - well, with her animals, and yes, Christian does live at the farm with me, but this whole 'farm thing' is alllllll mine. I tend to the land, I do all the chores, and he will of course help if needed and also when I want to get out of town for a bit, but this lifestyle was my choosing. It is what makes me happy....and this book is perfect. Get your copy for under $15 HERE (with free shipping if you are an amazon prime member!!).

happy Tuesday!



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