thursday. checking in...

For starters, is anyone else as shocked as me that time has flown by so quickly? I mean 2018 is going to be OVER in 11 days. 

It has been a crazy last month..... Deere got adopted. Then there was Thanksgiving, which is also a dual celebration for Christian and I, as we also celebrated our 19th anniversary (!!!). My sister came up, for the first annual Thanksgiving at our farm. 

Then a few days later, Deere got returned through no fault of his own. 

Eddie had a bad vestibular spell. 

Then Deere met his new potential family a few weeks ago, and finally last weekend Deere passed his 'meet and greet' test with his new family's coonhound and GOT ADOPTED (this time hopefully foreverrrrr!!!!),

and then the shock of yesterday that ended on a sad note with Pancha getting mauled by a hawk right before my very eyes....

I am so fortunate that in my frenzy of scaring the hawk away, knowing she was 'gone' and seeing the puddle of feathers and her poor lifeless body, I ran in the house bawling and shrieking for Christian to "help me"....  It was too late, and luckily it was instant, and Christian found the shovel, dug a hole in the garden, and buried my sweet Pancha. I knew her time was limited, purely because she was a senior little hen, and one by one, several have passed, but never have I had one attacked this way by a predator in my 8 years doing this hobby farm thing... needless to say, it left a big rain cloud over my evening, but I did have a crazy dream about her... I dreamed she actually came back! I went outside, and she was shaking off the dirt from being buried - crazy, I know - and then I realized that she wasn't spared from the fox attack that claimed the rest of her flock years ago, she came back. Weird. Anyway, it was a crazy dream but somehow offered me a little comfort. This means I am now down to three geriatric hens. One of my plans over the holiday break is to give the ol' coop a little makeover, fix all the holes that Eli has made in their coop, and maybe add a new color or two. 

This evening after work is gonna be filled with nothing but RAIN (again).... so my plan is to make my traditional big batch of ginger cookies .... If you are gonna be stuck inside today and want to try out my recipe, click HERE - there are a tin of ingredients, but they are soft, buttery, and I must admit the best ginger cookie I've ever eaten (pats self on back).

I have also found that this time of year and just after Christmas is the BEST time to thrift due to people purging and making room for new things.... I haven't been thrifting in a long time, and may make a little time for it this evening while I am out picking up supplies for a few projects for the weekend...

Do you have any special plans for the holidays? Tomorrow is my last day of work, then I have some very secretive projects that I will share here when they are completed - hopefully in a week or so. 

one more day and the fun begins....



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