happy wednesday!

There are HUGE plans in the making. I have found that some of the extra weekend responsibilities have become too much for me, and I have figured out a way to try to lessen the stress by making some big changes at the farm....
I am finally getting around to some concrete (pun) changes to the building that once had no purpose on the property! Stay tuned the next few weeks to see what happens, as the goal is to have made a LOT of headway by the end of the year!
 I must admit, that I gave myself an early Christmas present.... concrete blocks, mortar, SAND!! I love projects like these, and tend to jam pack as many big changes into my holiday week off work, but by the new year, major changes will have taken place here and I couldn't be happier!
 A new fenced area is also in the works, but the building is the main priority for starters!

I have also been running several times a week before work and FINALLY my waist is coming back ;) ! I feel better, because for me, regular physical exertion is so monumental in keeping me level-headed, especially at work where I literally am planted at my desk for 8 hours a day with minimal movement... eeeeeek - this change in my morning routine is actually what gave me the time to have the clarity to concoct this new chapter for the farm.....

I am happy to be back to running, which means I am fitting into my fun clothes again, which also means waaaaaaay more "frugal fashionable friday" and "worn" posts which I haven't been doing because of the weight gain.... yeah, it has taken me a few years to get real about getting if off, but I am ready!

This post does indeed make me feel super excited for the next week, but here it is only Wednesday.... a happy one though! One more positive note to add here...... Deere is in his new home! He went home yesterday and I can't wait to get some reports today from his mom!

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