happy Wednesday!!

I must say... I feel on top of the world. 
It has been a very strange month indeed, weirdness has tried and actually may have put a damper on my normal happy-go-lucky usually self, like when my boss suddenly (after 17 years of loyalty, and building of trust) cannot be alone in a room with me because all women are *capable* of falsely accusing men of sexual assault (yeah, full story was posted a few weeks ago here: HERE ), dog adopters that don't disclose that they actually physically are not prepared to walk the dog (and there is no fenced area, so that's the only option), annnnnd having that dog dumped on you and in a moments notice.....BUT, you can somehow see the stars aligning to throw you that life preserver.... 

Deere... he's been tossed out more than once, and once again he's not on a soft comfy couch sleeping, but he is soaking up every minute of living with the utmost optimism..... 

Yeah, there were moments I felt like I was sinking, but then the ol' silver linings of life present themselves to you when you least expect it....  

Happy Wednesday folks. I'm off to walk my old Eddie on this FREEZING morning! 



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