yessss! the SUN!!!

 .... so happy to welcome the sunrise this morning after my verrrrrrry cold 3 mile run! Grateful as always and ready for 5 o'clock to roll around!! I am ready for the weekend!!!
It felt soooooo good to get back out and go for a jog, despite the chilly temp! Little did I know as I was jogging and doing my own little meditation/ morning thinking/ planning out my day, that when I returned home, I would find my fat horse, Rose, loose - having jumped the fence that I don't always keep hot..... 

She gets paranoid that when there is no grass, and when she is completely dependent on me feeding hay, that she is gonna starve...... bahahahaha!! Luckily, she doesn't leave the yard, and when I got back, a little hay lure, and she was back safe within the now hot electric fenced paddock....
... anyway, HAPPY FRIDAY and yay for the next few sunny days!!!!! 

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