thursday's mixtape

yeaaaaaahhh... I have been a bit of a slacker here on the blog. I'll be back later this eve with a proper catchup post and a TON of pics. I just realized in posting this week's mixed tape that I haven't posted here since LAST Thursday!! We are still ticking over here on the farm... there was birthday stuff (Christian turned 41!!), rescue dogs (obviously), a hurricane that dirtied up our pool, and even a sweet stuff segment that was missed here, but not in real life.... I made Christian a pineapple upside down cake for his birthday at his request. Happy day, y'all!!! Life has been good - oh! also Ellen is finally starting to put weight back on!! I took some pics of her and Misty grazing in the front yard and will share them later, so expect a double post today, the second one being around lunch. I have a project pup at the shelter that just needs a person just nearby, as he built up his trust in people, and I will probably write while I am hanging' with him.....
enjoy this mix! I cannot wait to listen myself! Christian always seems to know what I need on these mixes....



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