monday already?

Whoa! My weekend flew by and once again I signed up to do something not related to the farm on Saturday - my only dedicated farm day! it ended up being all good, and I got to spend hours with my favorite little shelter and rescue dogs at an adoption/ meet & greet at a local spot.

No one got adopted but they all enjoyed a day out of the shelter!

I also had a vet checkup for my foster horse, Hazel... she came out to the farm to retire just over two years ago and at 35 years old, she still is amazingly beautiful. She has melanoma, a very common ailment for grey horses, and as I was researching, 80% of horses have it by age 15. I also found that frankincense oil is waaaaaaay more powerful than I thought at treating certain diseases and ailments! You should do your own research if interested, as there is so much info on the web.

anyway, I am not ready to start a new week already and wish I had one more day - wahhhh! here we are, monday, and the great thing is, I managed to get all the grass cut, the peaches are ripening, and the weather is getting a bit milder!!!

No plans outside of the usual shelter, rescue, and farm stuff this week, and Saturday is totally dedicated to sticking around the farm. The loft is still not totally clean, but there is a purge happening, and yard sale piles are getting bigger...

see you tomorrow for this week's want/need/hear/read !



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