late evening post.....

after the sunset and the pretty walk with Eddie, I am now watching Ozzy & Jack's World Detour with Christian... and blogging through the commercial breaks. It has become our new reality obsession..

I am also already plotting my plans for the fall & winter here at the farm. The garden totally overwhelmed me this summer, so I will be happy to have spinach once again when the weather gets cool enough for it...

I am still in the midst of purging the loft, and I should have my workspace neat and pretty once again this weekend. Yardsale is tentatively planned for early October, and the funds for that will feed a project that is still a bit of a secret ;)

I am still hitting the gym daily and feeling really great about getting healthy and fabulously fashionable again!

I end with a few pics of my lovelies from this eve.....

walking with my Eddie-Bear

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