i can't believe it is friday already... it has been one helluva week.... and i am so ready for some farm time, a good float around in the pool, and animal therapy.

for starters, the rescue lost two dogs due to a very unfortunate accident, one of my sweet little pibble friends at animal control passed away tuesday night due to heart worm die-off, and Reece, one of the rescue dog's, fate was 'up in the air' pending proper assessments, which he had yesterday (thanks to Bone-A-Fide Dog Training here in Athens, GA)....luckily he passed with flying colors - i learned a LOT of very helpful things that i can use with a few of the other rescue dogs. 
Hazel, my forever foster who is 35, has had a tumor pop up on her chest, but has been responding well to her external herbal treatment called 'black salve'. i applied it for several consecutive days, and then was to give it a break to see if her body would have a reaction of breaking down the tumor at a cellular level.... IT IS WORKING.   !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have also been eating really well - something i decided was going to be top priority in my busy day-to-day - healthy, lots of veggies, minimal processed foods. I had gotten used to scarfing down whatever was easy and convenient there for a while, just because life was busy.... but life WON'T be busy or fun or exciting if I allow myself to be bogged down by processed and 'fast' food.... i feel really good about where my head is at right now regarding my health. I just had all my yearly checkups, and if you remember, last year I was battling fibroids, anemia, and fatigue, which none of these things are ailing me now!

i am happy to report that other than a little weedeating, mowing (both of these are like my meditation), and chill time on the farm, i don't have too many plans! 

congrats everyone!!!! we made it through another week! last but not least, words that reset me when life seems heavy.... my close friends know that i tend to move on from people and things that are not going to bring good energy into my life. i also tend to fall off the map sometimes because i get wrapped up in the animals and taking care of a farm is time consuming (but rewarding)... i work very hard cultivating good, but sometimes, it is easy to say yes too often to things that don't really matter in the big picture. this one is easy. let go. let it all go, and focus on what you are cultivating.... 



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