weekly roundup of #100HappyDays

Once again Friday has slipped up on me and it is time for another weekend! I think time flies whether you are having fun or not. I have had a lot of fun since last Friday, but dang  --  it is hard to believe another week has zoomed by! I will be back tomorrow evening with lots of pics from the farm and garden. Last weekend I was in Carlton helping out with my favorite antique place and their little seasonal market, but this weekend will be spent getting into all the fun stuff I can out here at the farm!

This weekI have visited the shelter twice in hopes of finding sweet Keena a home... She is sweet as pie and apparently has been very vocal when some visitors approach... I still have yet to experience this for myself, so not sure how to correct it...

Anyway, here is the weekly roundup of the last week of #100HappyDays

anyway, happy Friday !!



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