weekly roundup #100HappyDays

 So here we are at Friday again! Time is flying!! I really cannot believe it!! Here is this week's weekly roundup...

Day 11:
Eli. Butthead. Lawn wrangler. Meanie. But I love him.
Day 12:
My very own private park. Made with my very own sweat, blood, & tears.
 Day 13:
Eddie showing off the garden and this crazy storm brewin' behind him....
Day 14:
Keena was an urgent case. And she had already stolen my heart. Up next for euthanization.... lucky for my heart and her, she was scooped up by a rescue at the last hour!!! Thank you sooooooo much Two Tailz Rescue!!
Day 15:
Meet Bruce. He stole my heart. He is currently housed the Athens-Clarke Animal Control in Athens, GA... To see more of Bruce, check out my Instagram feed by clicking on the icon to the left on this page...
Day 16:
Big beautiful *almost* palm sized spinach leaves....
Day 17:
Bruce's booty. He LOVES to sun....
Day 18:
Another one of my old boy, Eddie. Unfiltered, in all it's natural beauty, this one is from our early morning sunrise walk this morning....

I have big plans again for the weekend! A little painting, a little socializing, horse hoof trimming, gardening, a little more land manicuring, and I kind want to go see the new Super Troopers... we shall see what gets accomplished tomorrow evening when I post the Saturday Snapshots.... 

Happy Friday! 


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