thursday's mixtape

I have managed to let the rest of February come and go without a peep here... ahhhhh! I had my bestie (Andrea from Portland, Maine) here for a week or so, did a ton of animal rescue stuff, enjoyed some great meals around the table with Christian and Andrea, and also had a few signs that all is well... It has been the season for four leaf clovers! I have been finding them everywhere - at the farm, at the shelter, and even at the rescue! <3 

We also had some internet issues at home, so I had a good excuse for the silence over here... it is a regular happening sometime when you live off the cable line, ha!

Enjoy, Christian's latest mix, which has been loading for the last week.. eek! I will be back tomorrow with some epiphanies I had when Andrea was in town.... 


much love to you all! I am happy for another weekend with the sun!



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