Coco Coco Coco!!!

Sweet Coco needs someone to take a chance on her! She is unbelievably sweet, super loving, and 100% LOVE BUG!! 

She keeps getting passed over because she just has an issue with strangers - at first....Once you are no longer a stranger, she will kiss you allllll over!

She doesn't really want to have anything to do with you until you prove to her that you're trustworthy. That can be done easily with about 30 minutes, a few treats, and a good 15 minute walk followed by another 15 minutes playing in an interaction pen. She has been short term fostered, and does well with NO ACCIDENTS, and LOVES playing with other dogs. 

Her foster home had a male pitbull that she adored, but she needs someone willing to give her something more permanent. If I didn't have such an old boy at home, I would totally take her myself. 

This post is all about Coco, and here are the many pictures I have snapped of this pretty girl, as well as some from her foster home that unfortunately could not long term foster her due to work schedule.

She is around a year old, was not socialized with people properly so is uncertain of men, but also new people in general. Some women she loves right off the bat. 

If you would like to set up a playdate with Coco and your well behaved/ socialized pup, or if you'd like to meet her in hopes of maybe being HER PERSON, please shoot me a message using the form to the left of this page! She is currently housed at the Colbert Vet Rescue in Colbert, GA and is always looking for a good walk! She likes to chase cats, but once she catches up to them has no idea what to do, so does nothing. She's never bitten anyone at the rescue, so her anxiety does not trigger her to bite, just bark. 

Give her a chance, wontcha?!?!?


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