well, hellooooooo friday!

Well, it is Friday and I am super happy to be at the end of this long work week - a co-worker was ill, so I pretty much didn't leave my seat at my desk for 9 hours every single day..... I have a long weekend ahead, but it will be fun and fulfilling, coordinating a weekend foster with her weekend four-legged companion, and also a bit of farm work, garden planning, a brush pile burn or two, some tree transplanting, a thrift store visit, dog walking at the rescue, a little friend time, binge-watching some awful television with Christian, and a little Sunday baking....and I still haven't finished my well house project....  a bit of too few hands and too many pots, I suppose...

We are preparing for another cold weekend here. I actually do like the cold weather, I just wish we'd get a little snow along with the super cold temps. I am a fan of the snow! I want it! I will want it until I get it - a lot of it, and then I'll probably complain about how much of a damper it is putting on my farm work/ chores/ rescue work....

We still have our Christmas tree up and believe it or not it still feels like Christmas break whenever I am home. We have been eating our dinner in the living room, next to the lit tree, and it smells divine, and there are even still a few presents under there for my sister and a few friends that I have not seen to give them to.... I ain't got no shame in prolonging Christmas!

I didn't get around to the weekly 'want/ need/ hear/ see' post, but I MUST share with you the new show I recently stumbled across and just cannot get enough of. This week's "see" is embarrassingly addictive if you have any desire to work on a life geared more towards being self-sufficient...or just want to watch how inexperienced people can really get themselves in a pickle...

Homestead Rescue. Have you seen it?!?!? Am I crazy or do you not LOVE it? I even got Christian interested. We like to joke about Marty's low-cut stark white shirt in most episodes, but damn, he gets the job done, don't he?

Here's a little teaser for ya. It comes on the Discovery Channel and you can stream it if you have most any other cable or satellite provider unless it is DISH. Yeah, I can't freely stream it, but DVR'd several episodes and am feigning for more! Ha!

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