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I have, year after year, shared my seed germination trials, plant hardening, and seedling transplants here only to be a little disappointed when harvest time comes around because I either got disinterested because the gratifying plant beauty didn't come fast enough, or I got sidetracked and let my garden go....

I prefer to share my struggles and my nuggets of wisdom that I gained getting through the disappointing or hard times, so that others might be able to use them...One thing I have learned in keeping this blog is we are all talented in ways that others might not understand or even know about, just as we are all messes in some way or another..and a nice healthy dose of Ryan Gosling never hurts.

This year I aim to be better. This year I am going under another's wing. This year I am interning for a pro. Working my ass off, if for nothing more than the investment in gardening knowledge and food for our table. This year I learn how to do it RIGHT. I will be held accountable by someone other than myself. I will have things expected of me.... Weeding, watering, nurturing, etc. I will be a student. I am excited, yet nervous.

Last weekend was the real beginning of this new chapter for me at the farm. Last year, I did the whole rain barrel thing, but too late in the year for my garden. This year we have started making a complete irrigation system with two 330 gal rain barrels that fill up completely with one good rain. This will be our sole source of water for the garden (hopefully). Barrels were tested out after the last rain, and both were filled to the brim (660 gallons!). This weekend we drain, till garden area again, and work on a few burn piles.

I will be sharing photos tomorrow evening (Saturday snapshots) of what we managed to get accomplished in a day! I have high hopes that you will be able to envision what we are so excited about!

happy friday! 



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