Monday, Monday!

Happy Monday y'all! I had a very eventful weekend that started last Thursday honestly... I mean I worked both Thursday & Friday, but we had a newbie pup escape the rescue and luckily we were able to trap him last night less than a half hour after setting, baiting and greasing up the trap! Whew! Bandit (the name we gave him) was on the lam for almost four whole days before we were able to get him back at the rescue and safe from harms way! Luckily his crossing over a major four lane highway several times a day didn't lead to a bad ending to this story....

Bandit came to us about a week before he escaped. So scared of everything and everyone that we literally had to carry this big boy outside in his interaction pen. So naturally when he escaped, anytime he would spot one of us, he would bolt.... BUT lucky for us, he knew where to get fed, however he was smart enough to scoot the food closer to so he could eat it without setting off the trap. Smart little bugger! Well, yesterday evening, another rescue volunteer (Christyn) and myself went out investigating... Speaking with the neighbors, learning his little routine... Apparently he was coming and going like clockwork from a specific area. We found his bedding site, the little path he was using, walked around and Christyn was tacking up flyers, and in my super imaginative mind, it occurred to me that it was quite possible Bandit had misunderstood our intentions....

I came up with this whole story about how once he saw the posters for "missing dog", he would then realize (and be happy about) that he was actually being sought because WE CARED ABOUT HIM. Something he had never experienced before.... :( Well, after this realization, he would then appease all us rescue workers and go be "tricked" by the trap and let us win. After all, now he knew we were just trying to help....

Back to the reality of the situation.... After our investigatory little trek around the neighborhood, and new findings of his path, we moved the trap, greased it up so it was hairtriggered, and within half an hour he was trapped! Whew!!! Perfect way to end the weekend and the made-up story almost seemed to be true... Ha!

Now back to all the farm updates..I started off the morning with pancakes and fakin'bacon....

The big building is undergoing some cosmetic changes. The chainlink is coming down, the rain barrels have been equipped with proper fittings for hoses, and all set for catching rain!

The farm underwent some major burns this weekend. Trees were also pruned and more new piles were made for future burns... It never ends, eh?

I spent alllllll weekend outside and my chapped and sunkissed face tells the story. It was perfect, 70+ degrees and most needed! I didn't bake anything yesterday, and I still haven't made it thrifting this year yet, but I've been kept happy with all this farm therapy. I'm so ready for Spring, and to see all these newly pruned trees in bloom!

Have a great week and I'll be back tomorrow with the Tailwagger Tuesday pup post!



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