homebody. snowday.

Are you a homebody? I am completely....and there was snow on the ground this morning... (eeeeeeek!) If it weren't for the rescue, I would have stayed home allllllll day. I was able to stay home from work today, and soak up every bit of this snow day in the most perfect way.

Christian was home, I made cinnamon rolls, Eddie LOVED venturing out on the trails, and the farm crew seemed to be a bit confused and irritated until the sun came up.

Our house has the most perfect high pitched roof, trees galore, and trails to enjoy no matter what mood you are in, or what weather is outside and the snow today highlighted everything I love about this place..... I mean I LOVE it out here - probably even more now that I did when we bought this place four years ago...and today was probably my favorite day ever out here!! Here is my day in pictures..... 'Midweek Mixtape' will be up tomorrow since I hijacked Christian's Wednesday to share my snow day pics!

 ....then the sun came out!!!



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