happy wednesday!! here's to health!

I was a little behind on getting my headspace in order for ALL my new years goals and resolutions the last few weeks, and I have realized I left a big one off my list! Health!!

I am grateful for my health and want to really focus on nutrition and health this year. I am grateful that I can play on my farm and walk the land with my old boy, Eddie, and grateful to get in 15,000 plus steps on days that are devoted to farm chores and land maintenance... some people don't have the luxury of working so hard that they ache and complain (and have to resort to heating pads and Epsom baths - turns out that's a good thing - it is a sign of LIVING).... Some people can barely get out of bed, so I am super grateful that I can play and work until I ache...

I resolved a lot of health related issues I was having last year and the year prior, and now want to refocus on my health this year...I don't have a gym membership anymore because there isn't a gym that is convenient for me to go to, but I need to get in some kind of routine, so figuring that out is gonna be tricky. Thinking about getting a friend of mine who is also a former body competitor & trainer to come out and show me some things that I can do with what I have out at the farm - you know, maybe instead of box jumps, I do hay bale hops - that sort of thing....I do feel amazing and full of energy which is a huge difference from this time last year and I am definitely drinking a ton more water than in more recent months, and I know that is helping.

Cleaner eating is a big goal for me. We haven't been out to eat in some time, and mostly that is because we are super frugal with our food money! We would rather buy higher quality ingredients to cook with than spend that money on a single meal out...

I have also been doing some meal prep on Sundays so that I have a nutritious, balanced meal at my desk at lunchtime when I am working! This cold weather has been mostly soups and chili, so when it warms up the challenge will be finding something I enjoy that is also as satisfying as these spicy hot dishes that make your nose run (because I have needed the spice lately during this cold but dry winter!) ....

I am making sure I get AT LEAST 8 hours of sleep every night...and with these shorter days, and darkness falling at 6pm, I am not embarrassed to say some nights I go to bed at 7:30 and wake at 4am (I am really more inspired to be creative and make my potions when the rest of the farm is still asleep - well, everyone except the horses - they are early risers too, ha!)

and lastly, I am reading LOTS! I have a stack of books that have been inspiring me to stay focused - anything from amazing cookbooks, to DIY project books for homes, to homesteading and farming books, to women empowerment reads - it is how I have been coping with these cold nights. Books and a preheated bed (electric blanket!!)

Anyway, thanks as always for stopping by, and Christian's mixtape will be up here later today!


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