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 This week's want will definitely be on my Christmas list... I made a big deal on here about how Christian put an end to my Corelle dishes. Yup. Lead. Dannnng! Well, his buddy has started a small family business making custom tiles, but also filling in the space between tile orders with a line of handmade dinnerware using beautiful lead-free glazes (yess!). I borrowed a few pieces to test out, because I am pretty finicky about my coffee mugs. I like 'em pretty big. This orange one holds a pint, so I'm sold! Click any image below for more info on these perfect mugs (I never hold any of my mugs by the handle, so they really are perfect!!) by etcetera tile company....



....even the inside is a pretty  surprise when you get to the last sip! :)
I have the hardest time with this part of the segment.... Over the years, I have posted so many needs, that at some point or another, I have listed them all! This morning, I am going to post about how I need to get my thumb all healed, so that I can paint more desks, clear out the big workshop/ outbuilding, finish blocking in those last five doggie doors - there were 50 (!!!), and finish painting the outside.... I have big plans for this building - several different avenues of plans, actually. All of them will include the vibrantly colored exterior. In case you've missed the very slow progress on the building, let me entertain you with a few pics ;)

This song will never get old... my dad LOVED Nancy Sinatra, and after all I have been through over here on the farm, the craziness that has lingered for the last year in my neck of the woods, well, there is an end in sight. So, that is the reason for this week's 'hear'. Stay away from lightning's girl, y'all. There is a lesson here. ;)

I am thrilled to be a part of this first issue of Hill Lily 'zine! I love all that Daisy Greenberg does and knew this would not disappoint. Chock full of inspiration, poetry, along with a few recipes, and a tutorial, this is a must have for any gal looking for camaraderie in any homesteading/ urban gardening/ or backyard chicken adventures! You can get your very own copy HERE

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