....around here.....

this week has been pretty good around here....

I snapped this one yesterday morning after Eddie's walk and just before chore time! 
I have started to plan (yet again) my Fall garden. I let the weeds totally take over in Summer and I am gonna be honest here, YOU CANNOT EVEN STEP FOOT IN MY GARDEN NOW. Boo.
BUT, I have been feeling better, and am getting my energy back - yay! I actually feel better the last few days than I have in months!  
...it has been wet and rainy, but so much cooler! 
 and muddy...BUT these girls can stay out of the rain if they wish. 
 everything is lush and overgrown, hence my poor garden being inaccessible.....
 ...it sure makes for pretty pictures though. 
 and the evenings have been cloudy with the sun bursting through in some places, shining magical light down onto the land and animals below....
 ..the sweet Rose (Hazel is back there too!)
 ..view from walking the road with the neighbors...
 ..and the hay field across the way....
 ...and the goats have been helping me with the grass in the front field after work ;)
 the following pics I snapped this morning while doing the farm chores before work:

 the girls are always eager to be freeeeeeee! 

 our little farm house <3
 ....annnnnd then on my lunch break, I slipped away from the office to do a little seed shopping for my weekend task of cleaning out the garden! My little seed purchase today will hopefully motivate me a bit more. 
 pretty things at Lotta Mae's.....

I am about to sit down to dinner and can't wait to kick off the weekend tomorrow morning with some garden clearing!!! I will keep y'all posted on how that goes! 


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