I woke up yesterday to a house filled with balloons, lights, gifts, and warmth!

 .....and I got a pool! Complete with a saltwater system! Yowza! Yeah, I must admit I felt like a kid on Christmas!! I also couldn't WAIT for it to fill up before I got in..
 hmmmm.... yeah, there's enough water in there to float! ha!
 Hey Eddie!!
 ...almost there....
 I also got some colorful outdoor rugs for the pool area.... Eddie enjoyed lounging on them as I floated in the pool....
 ...and yes, I spent ALL DAY in this thing!
 ...at the day's end, when I was doing the farm chores, I had to snap this pic of this gigantic mushroom in the goat field.... All in all, my birthday was freakin' AWESOME. Oh! I also got some new tires for my John Deere lawn tractor! Whooooop! Happy Sunday, y'all!


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