Spring!!! Chock full of pictures!

I can't believe I didn't post one single thing last month! Eeeeeek!!

Well, things have been good, the farm is growing, the animals are all well, and I got a few new things started this year that I don't normally fool with.... flowers! I was inspired by a gift of an entire truckbed of zinneas last year when a friend was moving. We shall see if my thumbs are green enough to pull off having fresh flowers in the house this year! For now, you will have to settle for photos of the volunteer flowers and pretty plants from the farm:

I have been working on the land constantly, 'training' the newly cleared land in hopes that by this time next year, it will be fully ready for some extra grazing!

Here is a little sneak peak at the raised bed area.....

Due to farm expenses and still working on paying off the hay bill due to the drought last year, I have been a busy bee playing catch-up on all the uncommon feed bills! Getting crafty and creative and clearing out the concrete building on the property while having fun and making extra cash! I have a building full of these practically new desks, that have been just sitting here for THREE YEARS. I couldn't GIVE them away the last few years, but now with a little elbow grease, paint, and time, I have transformed them into cool little colorblock desks! 

and almost after..... I still want to put a band of black around the leg bases. 

....annnnd another style....

 Wow! I must admit I kinda shocked myself on how great these turned out - AND they were fun to do for the most part! 

I have also been doing some major Spring cleaning, so soon will be selling shoes, kitchenwares, clothes, and just about everything I haven't used in the last few years. This is a small house, and I always feel more creative and inspired when I have less stuff sitting around reminding me I haven't  made use of it in a while....

I have since become a little obsessed with finding Sophie a home. She is from the rescue I help out with from time to time. She is a little bit of a different situation, as she requires a home with no there animals. If you or someone you know would be the perfect candidate for this gal who has been at the rescue for far too long, send me a message at sandice[at]frugalfashionablefarmer[dot]com.

 ....and here are just more pics from the last month. I have been super lazy and haven't even touched my cameras aside from the one on my phone. Yes, I am still also doing the #100HappyDays project and you can keep up with those posts through Instagram. There is a link at the top of the page here for that. As usual, Christian does exist, but never on social media, and of course no pictures here on the blog..... BUT here are some snapshots from the little slice we have out here....

 ..a rainbow peeked out back there! 

.....our new little blue mailbox! 
 here's Banjo - another adoptable dog from the rescue:

 ....me and Eddie do a lot of walking out here..... 

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