Happy Monday!

It has been an eventful and busy week/weekend at the farm! 
Still working on closing up the old kennel on the property, which is a very slow going project because of money, but it is happening! My sis has been here with us helping, so things went a little further than we had hoped for thins weekend! One whole side (25 little doors blocked in, 25 more to go!) We also swept 1/3 of the building that was piled high with dirt, leaves, bug poo, rat poo, and spiders. Hoping in a month at least the little doors will be finished and I can them move on to doing something about the two big doors that need all new doors and frames. Then comes the painting the outside, putting in a ceiling, walls, plumbing, bathroom, and finishing it to be something we can use out here! Dairy barn, workshop, storage, sewing studio, etc. 

The land-clearing is till ongoing, and a load of crap was hauled off this weekend which consisted of an old garden tub that was in the woods, old fencing material, and trash, trash, trash! 

Aside from the farm work, there is the usual farm FUN. We put up an additional hammock, so now we have two hanging between the pecan trees! Also, little sis did the "Sunday Sweet Stuff" deed and made us cookies last night....

All the animals are good, the temps do not feel like January, BUT it is prime grass growing weather lately, so hoping my animals will be eating grass again soon so that my hard earned cash can go towards other things besides hay... 

Eli has been being a total butthead and has been on a mission to headset and tear up any structure in sight. He has managed to tear up his own hut as well! Silly ol' billy... Both the horse gals had their hooves trimmed this weekend and I always love seeing Ed. He's so good with my stubborn Rose.... Everyone else out here is happy and healthy and same ol', same ol'... 

I made a little Canebrake Cottage delivery this weekend to Phickles on Baxter Street for Fox and the Forest, and stocked up on some pickled goodies as well as some of the AMAZING english toffee by Little Cuckoo. Oh god... heavenly delights to say the least. 

So that is a brief summary of the week/ weekend that doesn't include the top secret details that sometimes go along with being a frugal fashionable farmer ;) 

Happy Monday, y'all! I hope you all have a FABULOUS week! 



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