goals for 2017..

I am little late to the game on this post, but have had a lot going on at the farm, and am just now feeling that things are to a point where I actually have the time to sit and think about my goals for this year....

~ de-clutter my little home
For starters, I am actually going to live like I have a small home. This is by far the smallest home we have ever lived in, and the first house we actually own, so it has been hard coming to terms that we either need to add on to accomodate all my collected things, or I need to make my life a little simpler.... the truth is, anytime I want to cook, I have to go through all this cute and pretty vintage stuff that I never use, in order to get to the practical things that are actually useful. I started last weekend, pulling all the vintage CorningWare,  Pyrex, and FireKing pieces from the cabinets and drawers. I was able to make space AND cash all at the same time! Win! I am hoping by Spring I will have de-cluttered to the point that most things in our small little home will be something we actually USE.

~ expand our land
I have slowly been clearing brush, burning brush, and putting up fences. Each Winter I have made real strides since we bought this place, and this hopefully will be the year that all my land is put to good use! There is a little over 4 acres that I have never used - most of it I hadn't even been able to access because of the invasive blackberry brambles. I dealt with these brambles on the backside of what is now our yard & garden area, and so I have become familiar with how to keep them at bay - it just means this year, I have to stay on top of them and keep them cut regularly. I have about two acres of beautiful rolling, park-like, land that sits off the road and is totally private - I want to eventually have this area cleared out to the point that it can be accessed by a little trail from our backyard. I see hammock napping in my future back there!!!

~ make something useful out of the old concrete kennel on the property
I have started to invest in this building and am hoping to have it become either a workspace for Christian and I or a workspace I can rent out for a little income - hopefully by the end of the year! Still a TON of stuff to be done, but before its all said and done, I want to have a bathroom put in, a workspace counter w/ sink, a few different rooms, new doors, HVAC repaired, and a lean-to added on for extra hay storage.... dreaming BIG on this one!

~ post regularly here
I slipped out of the habit of posting here, and honestly I missed it! Since I do have a lot planned for the farm this year, I am gonna try to update here at least three times a week to keep you all posted on the progress!

~ have some of my skincare endorsed by a dermatologist
I had a pretty surprising response from a dermatologist in town that was blown away by the 'magic serum' results on a patient that had been battling the effects of rosacea. A friend was asked to come back for a checkup after another four months of using the product to see continued results! Pretty cool! It would be cool to have some endorsement by a skincare professional!

~ be more involved in community stuff
I recently discovered there is a really cool community center in Arnoldsville, about 4 miles from my house! I also want to mosey on down to the Winterville community center soon and see what that is like. They offer coffee and yoga, along with much more, so gonna make time to explore my little local communities!

~ snail mail
One of my goals for last year was to send snail mail. I did! It has actually been a goal for a few years now, and last year was the first year I committed and succeeded in sending out mail throughout the year to tons of folks! Gonna continue that this year as well!

~ a few trips to see mountains & waterfalls with my sis before she heads off to college! YES! College!! Wow!
I can hardly believe she heads off to college this Fall! Time sure does fly, man. I have really enjoyed the bonding we have been able to do since our dad passed.

~ an outdoor soaking tub....

~ get the farm ready for some home grown dairy products! I wanted to breed Misty last Fall, but I never got around to putting some shelter in place for her and her kid(s) to be safe from coyotes, because of all the money that was spent on hay. Jeeeeez. $1700 spent last year on hay when normally I would have enough grass to feed. I am hoping to get something going this year that will allow me to feel good about having a kid or two next year and fresh milk!

~yoga at least once per week.
This is something totally new for me, but something I have enjoyed for the last few months. I plan on going to one class per week, but also going to try to practice at home some.

.....last but not least......
~use my custom-made hula hoop!
My mom got me a hula hoop Christmas of 2015, but I never used it. I already have it out, and have dusted it off, now to get good at it!

In a perfect world, I would also get a huge trampoline this year. ;) A girl can dream, right?

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  1. Here is to the act of dreaming.
    It is the first and only step to making your dreams come true.
    I AM going to do an outdoor tub this year too!