Ohhhhhhh, happy days! Champ's story...

Since 'sweet stuff Sunday', life for me as been a rollercoaster ride ending in such happiness! You see, October 8th,  I was helping out at a local shelter when I noticed this old dog that reminded me of my Eddie Ray. Old golden - he was a mix, but still he caught my eye and I asked about him. His story goes like this...

He was a recent intake. His name was Champ...An owner surrender, 13 years old and had to be shaved because his fur was so matted. He was heartworm positive....and he looked sooooooo sad. He was stinky, but asking for some affection with those sad eyes, and at first I would just stick my hand through the fence and give him some pets, and talk to him, but after a few days, I was spending time with him on the floor of his kennel making promises to him that I would get him out of there.....

Last Friday, another volunteer was at the shelter and I asked her if she would snap a picture of me and Champ. I posted it on Instagram and Facebook and within a few hours of posting, there was some interest in him!! I was torn between being hopeful and anxious. I am always getting my hopes up too high sometimes, and of course that puts me in the position to be let down, but nonetheless, it never stops me from getting super duper hopeful...

Saturday & Sunday there were plans being made by my friend, Renee, (who recently lost an elderly pup)  to come visit and then see if her dog and Champ would hit it off.... I was sending pics and video throughout the weekend and made sure to let her know of all his ailments before she fell in love with him. He was the kind of dog that one look and your heart would melt....and he sure did not need to be spending anymore time in that kennel. 

Monday came around and she visited with him. Ohhhhhh, I was so happy but still so worried that maybe Champ might not do well with her dog. You see, no one knew his history or whether he was good with other dogs. I was so hopeful, but still a nervous wreck. I went up to see him Monday night and someone had thrown a bone in there for him and he was enjoying that while I told him once more that I would try my best to get him out of there and soon! 

Tuesday was the big day.... The day that Renee was to take her dog up there to meet Champ. If all went well, Champ would be going HOME!! I was at work when I got a picture from her... There she was....with Champ .... AND Rex (her dog)!!! Then was the picture that I was so overcome with joy that I lost it right there at work and just started crying.....Champ in the car. 

This was it!!  I mean uncontrollable tears of joy and relief. And the tears just kept coming..... a part of me was still hesitant in believing this was meant to be until Champ was at his new home.... How would he do? Would Rex and Champ get along at Rex's house? Then, I started getting pictures and video of Champ at his new house, and realized that Renee was indeed the most perfect person in the world for ol' Champ. 

Throughout the evening I was getting updates of how mischievous and bold he was. He had absolutely NO MANNERS, but she was OK with that. Eddie was the same way - and actually still is to some degree. When they are that old, and have never been taught anything, it is easier to just make a few changes to our lifestyle, rather than try to teach an old dog etiquette!

One of her last texts to me was how Champ was like a lazy puppy. Bold and adventurous, but not the energy of a pup. I went to bed with a heart bursting with happiness from this day. It was absolutely perfect... Congrats, Champ! You hit the jackpot with Renee!!! <3



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